Stray Cats

Elvis on Velvet

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All night long way black top highway midnight hitting a groove
Mustang radio rag top jukebox hound dog don't be cruel
Roadside rest stop all night truck stop side show out of a van
Rhinestone lunchbox ashtray junk shop key chain hitting the fan

Elvis on velvet, don't know why it makes me blue
Elvis on velvet, it's got a strange effect on you
Elvis on velvet, somehow it makes me mad
Elvis on velvet, and I can see him tonight up on the road ahead

Well drift back daydream Memphis street scene 1955
Street flair flat bed three piece string band shaking man alive
Then heartbreak hotel, jailhouse rock, love me tender please
I'm all shooked up, too much, so treat me nice and wear my ring


Well Graceland wasteland right this way ma'am one low price to pay
His life, his love, his home, his stuff, his final resting place
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, thy records re-released
All kneel to second guess and bless him, let him rest in peace


Autor(es): David Newhauser / Monty Byrom / Monty Byron / Tom Kimmel