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It's Every Day Life coming with a vengeance, the other side of the street from Sixpence
None the Richer we came to hit ya, change your mind and paint a new picture.
Of what you thought hip-hop and rock should be, coast to coast and sea to shining sea.
And if you're up in arms (yeah) well so are we, everybody in the place listen to me.


The roof, the roof, the roof is on (fire)
No need for water, don't wallow in the mire.
Like Jim Morrison do the best we can
Ignite the flame and burn down the land.

We'll burn it down if only to prove out point, so listen up on this fourth EDL joint.
Point your finger if you must, don't lust, live the revelation of In God We Trust.
We came to walk the walk and then talk the talk, screaming Every Day Life from a soapbox.
Are you down (yeah), so are we, everybody in the place listen to me.


This time I won't let it ignite and I fan the flame...


Never settle for Embers. Never settle.
Never settle for embers, you let it burn.
Never settle for embers, never settle.
Never settle for embers...you let it burn.

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