Frozen Mist

Embrace The Spirit

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As we stare into the darkened sky and watch her spread its wings.
Hovering upward in perfection like mating clouds entwined.
The light finally starts to fade away as the grey clouds beckon their destiny.
Their desolate souls of solitude, they will never shed faith again.

Treacherous mountains of eternity holds a single soul of infinity.
Guided by the scenes of serenity and mystic loneliness of ecstasy.

I close my eyes... "You close your eyes."
I feel your breath... "You feel my breath."

You close your eyes... "I close my eyes."
You beg for death... "I beg for death."

"Awakened, this beauty is my corpse.
A precious melody shackled in chains.
Left withered in blanked out memories.
You embrace the spirit to feel my pain."

Forever touched by the fading light as black tears begin to stream down her face.
She comforts me with her empty caress. there's no escaping from this place.

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