Embryonic Regordation

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Spasmodic convulsions, gut wrenching pain
Contracting digestive tract, bowels collapse
Solidified mass of infectious embryonic vomit
As lochial fluids spew from your mouth…

Festering fetus expelled
Oral caesarean section
Your jaw alvulsed violently
A drastic birth canal redirection…

Aborted regurgitation flays your gums
As you gag on the umbilical cord
Ruptured esophagus floundering
In your pulverized torso's shattered gourd…

Your face ripped open as you choke on
The blooded pulp of the disgorged infant
Eyeballs ejected, skin torn to shreds
Natal fluids erupt from your eyesockets…

Festering cervix explodes in your face
As you gag on the newborn you're forced to taste
Drooling the pulpy necro-natal cess
Slobbering the contents of your abdominal abscess…

Terminal labor pains
Fallopian tubes explode
Involuntary abortive deceasement
As you watch yourself decompose...

Autor(es): Exhumed