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I lie in peace in the womb
The earth, my mother, my tomb

So much life here
How could I ever sleep?
Roots stretch like veins
Pumping life here beneath
I feel the worms on my flesh
They speak of life, not of death

My ears awake now
To songs so brand new
My sleeping limbs
Stir to dance of the truth
I hear the call now
To stretch toward the sun
I'll crawl through soil and stone
Until we two are one

I find a strength in my bones
The earth is not yet my home
Now, higher ever I climb
Cold fingers stretch for the sky

I stand alone on the earth
The sun has witnessed my birth
I feel you stir 'neath my feet
I call you now back to me

(He stirs)

Now, by my side we are one
My love, my brother, my son
Death cannot take from me
Our souls are one, we are free

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