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Emily, I want you, but there's nothing I can do
Now I know, all you see, my invisibility
So just do this for me, and I beg you, beg you, please
Put my hand on your knee, Emily

Emily, now I see, how our love could never be
Oh, I know I'm not cool, just a sentimental fool
But the pain, is insane, now that everyone can see
It just ain't meant to be, Emily
Emily, Emily

As you glide to the sea, you are pure divinity
In my head, was your bed, and your femininity
To my cost, I have lost, my poor masculinity
Where on earth, could it be, Emily?
And am I, doing well? I guess ony time will tell
Won't you please set me free, Emily?
Emily, Emily

Emily, I concede, in my guillibility
I was blind to the signs of your sexuality
Now it can't be denied, you bat for the other side
Mercy me c'est la vie, Emily

Tell me what shall I do?
It's so hard when I see you
Cos I'm still loving you, Emily
Emily, Emily

Autor(es): Geoffrey Downes / John Wetton