Emo Boy

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he read every issue of punk planet with a tissue bad reviews of his favorite band made him cry and he could hardly believe that jawbreaker signed to dgc he took it personally that blake had lied when all that he loved was thru whats an emo boy to do
with a broken heart and some minor chords inspiration lame on the floor he was just barely sixteen when he started his fanzine he could lay his broken heart out on the page and it got real inspiring when people started writing in he was not alone he was not alone when all his work was done he put on side one boxcar sang him to sleep locked away in an emo dream one foggy night at the bottom of the hill front and center for jets to brazil emo boy met emo girl barrettes in her hair and buddy holly glasses and laminated passes they left the club and went back to his house and fooled around to the new record from modest mouse

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