Empty Glass

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Hello my dear
It’s so nice to see you here
How long has it been?
Oh it feels like years
But I’m sure it’s just been days

Been walking around alone
Drunk and missing you at home
You know I’ll never feel the same
Or ask another girl to take my name

Think I’ve been stopping by too much
Don’t want you to get sick of me
On my way home from the Copper Coin
It’s this or I jump into the sea

And I will never forgive myself for not being there to protect you
I should have been at home instead of out trying to forget you
Just one fight and I’m out the door
What kind of man am I?
I swore I’d never leave your side

Hello my dear
It’s so hard to see you here
How long has it been since we put you in the ground?
Oh it feels like days, but it’s been years
“Oh, and please don’t call me baby, it’s just too hard to hear
Too hard to hear
Leave you flowers at your headstone
Just sit and talk to you my dear”
My dear