Empty Happy Song

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Being Alone I've Been Alone
So Gone So Long That I Got Tired of It
There's Something Wrong I Can't Recall the Last
The First Time That I Felt Happy
So You Come Up With This Song
To Sing Along and Make Us All Pretty
My Love Will Never Let Me Go
So I'll Just Get Back On the World Today
I'll Find a Meaning and a Way to Feel
Brighter Than the Sun
Another Pill Tells Me I'm Strong
So Strong So Wrong to Still Believe in It
Whatever I Need I Need to Believe
My Faith Is Weak and Gets Me Even More Sick
So You Come Up With This Song
To Fool Your Heart and Blind It Till You Can't See
How Long Have You Been This Gone
So I'll Just Grab Some Words to Say
Without a Meaning
Just a Way of Forgetting That I'm All Alone
Like a New Year's Eve Party
Where I Am Obliged to Be Happy
May the New Year Come With a Song
An Empty Happy Song
To Make My Life So Right For Me
So You Come Up
With This Song to Shout and Force Yourself to Believe
Though We All Know You're Not That Strong
Tired of So Much Pain
Of Living in This Cloud of Rain
I Need Something to Go On
I've Ran Out of Anesthetics
I'm Becoming So Pathetic
If You Got Nothing to Hang On
You're Not Alone
Live Die Cry Tonight
Let Tears Fall Down Your Face and Laugh
Don't Waste Your Last Words On Sorrow
Live Like There Is no Tomorrow
And May We All Be One
In This Song
An Empty Happy Song
To Keep Us Smiling Instantly
Become What We Would Like to Be
Indulge Ourselves to Believe
And Though We'll Never Ever Be
We'll Pretend That We All Can Be