Enchiridion For A Common Man

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Need me a bar on an alleyway / Death on a pale horse to ride away / A
disease bacteria culture dip plate / Bagged take away / And it's all right / Just
let it ride

A fleet of dragon barges at berth / To sail off the edge of the earth / Setting
sail for some bad luck / Could fuck some mean shit up / And it's all right

Just let it ride

And if I should lose my very soul / In some distant port of call / I would still find
my way home / If I took pride and I should fall / My wings could not be shorn /
My heaven would just be cold

Saw life as a girl from the avenue / Daddy's sunshine with eyes of blue / Been
more content with a cross eyed witch / Back in an alley ditch / And it's all right

Just let it ride

For all the things I've said and known / I guess some reason could be shown /
Life can be easy / Life can be kind / Plain sodomy in the behind

Show me a bar on the alleyway / A cross eyed witch to steal my soul away /
For I could die on an alleyway / With a smile on my lips / For all the yesterdays

Show me a bar on an alleyway

Autor(es): Babylon Whores / Ike Vil

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