Operation Cliff Clavin

End of the world

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everyday its the same around this place
every day it just gets worse and worse
and the only progress that we're making
the only progress we're making is things worse
you say that the end of the world is coming soon
and that i better pray for my life
but its not soon enough for me
i can't wait for the buildings to crumble to the seas
it'll be great because then the world will be free
of this disgusting disease called humanity

we're not talking about the end of the world
we're just talking about the human race
because the rats and plants and trees and ants will finally get a chance to take over some place
don't talk to me about the end of the world because it's never gonna come
we're both gonna die
and that'll be fine with me(so kiss your xxx goodbye)
and then the other species will thrive
and the earth will finally get a chance
a chance to be alive

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