End of the world

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Losing faith and it makes me sad
And when I think of losing more
Well it makes me mad
Losing beauty well it brings me down
And with everything we've gained well we're losing ground

Every time I turn another corner
Seems that someone else is doing wrong
And every time I jump into the water
Seems there's something there that don't belong

When it feels like the end of the world my dear
I need you here
When it feels like the end of the world my love
Will you help me rise, rise above

No more father, no more son
No more running from the man that I've become
Too much freedom but nothing's free
So I try to make some sense of what's to be

'Cause every day I wake up and I wonder
How a blessing could become a curse
And every night I pray it's getting better
But I find it's only getting worse




Autor(es): John Vester / Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon