Do U think like me?

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When I was 13 all I wanted was to feel accepted
then I realised other fires burnt inside
only unicorns would dare to rescue me
still they could find my peace of mind

Do u think like me?
Otherwise you´re no good

I only wanted to fulfill all the emptiness inside
couldn´t find a way to be your worthwhile
sought the time to spell my ground
and in the end to you I was a fool

Do u think like me?
otherwise you´re no, you´re no good

when I finally got your while
all I got was judgment coming out
this way I finally realised
all I needed was the will to fight
willing to renew my spine
and war shall see you´re just no good

Autor(es): Sonia Linares Berroy,Sonia Linares Berroy/ David Chueca/ Pere Masdeu/ Francesc Sáez/ Bertrand Magnier