En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa (translation)

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I'm not searching power, not glory

I'm not searching power, not glory, I need no gold
For what I'm asking, is light from heaven and peace to
the world!
Oh, give me the christmas which brings joy and takes
our minds to the God!
Not power, neither gold but peace to the world!

Give me a peaceful house, childhood's, and
The Light of god's word, which brightens my soul!
Oh, even to those little homes bring the sweetest
The light of Gods word, and noble mind!

To rich and poor bring the wonderful christmas!
Bring the light of heaven to the darkness of the
I want you, I wait for you, The Lord of earth and
To rich and poor bring your sweetest christmas!

Autor(es): Jean Sibelius / Zacharias Topelius