Defeated Sanity

Engulfed In Excruciation

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Destitute and unwanted
Departing from asylum
Lost souls collected to be
Used for the industry

Violent sex, treated like a piece of meat
Gagged while beaten, tape keeps rolling
Painful price to pay to stay of the streets
Morbid career initiated

Explicit cinematography addiction
Desperate for murder
(The affluent finance) acts of the sick

Countless victims vanishing
Slaughtered in blue light
Profit from atrocity

Lacerations inflicted intentionally
Shaping the victims to perfect design
Acidic corrosions all over the body
Aesthetic preparations upon demand

Laying limbless, crippled and writhing
Mouth fixed open, jawbone shattered
Carcass previously slaughtered
Hung and emptied over your face
Tasting the putridity
Stimulates vomiting reflex
Repeated cycle of regurgitation
Til asphyxiation ends your life

Define authenticity
So glad to see tears in their eyes
Virtuosity of cruelty unseen before
Satisfied customers craving more

Awaking, drugged, bound and gagged
Strapped onto the table
Mutilated with the hacksaw
Narcotic unstable

Yet the dosage kept high enough
Preventing the victims to pass out
Engulfed, you're forced to watch
Vast portions of your flesh slowly being stripped

Of death
Will continue
(While) tape keeps rolling

Autor(es): Gruber / Los Magana

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