Frozen Mist


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Her whispers bound by this tempered hand
Flow with the softness of a subtle release.
Glimpses of meaning from her cold silhouette
With each return of her mesmerizing breath.

Arise with the quintessence of awareness
With unraveled eradicating mistakes of bliss.
In this blending of evil souls in reverse
Bereft in denial forms welcome the beauty of doom.

In the deep woods, we are forever haunted
It is I. We are the ghosts, the soulless spirits.
The moonlight stares down like a thunderous shower
Filling the hollowness with imminent pools of pain.

Eerie voices were so shrill inside of her head
As she lies back wondering her passion for death.
I am the telepathic lunatic who resides in your flesh
The spirit you cursed within our bloody caress.

In shades of death, the mind now takes its course.
In the darkness that you breathe blinds you by the mist.

Submerged in exile, blasphemy reigns in your sight.
Corruption of your lost soul left forever haunted.

In shades of death...
Haunted enigma...

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