The Bear Quartet

Everybody Gets to Play

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Was a little nervous
Didn't eat that much
Packed the bag
Extra pair of socks
Looked round the hall
Always do to make sure
Nothing is left
Forgotten on the floor

Said see you
Walked to the gymnasium
With marie, pointgard
And ann, centre or forward

Saw the lights blink and come on
The hoops glide down
Waited for the others
With the coach, the thief-smoker
Here our team
The opponents and their parents

Got beaten again
But with less than ten
Getting there,
Next time we'll demolish them

And the referee, just couldn't see
And the referee, just couldn't see

It's so cold
The hair will freexe
Snow squeek under feet
Alone the last bit home
It's the chilliest moment

Autor(es): The Bear Quartet

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