Entrails Ripped From Produce Goods

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The gore I see daily festers in my mind
It doesn't stop with watermelon rinds
Decapitated avocados thrown in a fruit juice waste
The smell of molded tomatoes lying strung
with seed half dried on the floor beyond the grocer's door
A cart wheel grabs the attention
of a plump fresh grape
The sight of it's mutilated flesh
drives customers ape
Some of it's skin sticks to the wheel
a long track of bloody juice
It's veins and seed are peeled
Putrid stench-rotting fruit
Severed bananas from their shoot
Acorn squash smashed against the wall
It slides unrecognized rot that falls
As it lies in the dumpster festering
with maggots and flies,
I prepare my paper bag for this delicious meal to try
I store it in my drawer in case I get hungry for more.
Slimy bacteria infested fungus FDA tested
My sick mind compels me to
Brutalize, Scrutinize, Analyze
Mutilated, Decapitated, Refrigerated
Fumigated, Rotting, snotting, fruit
The soft innards spew forth from kiwis
and peaches. There juices run
Sticky fingers. I'm stuck in a rut
From pulling apart cucumber guts

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