Excoriated, Emasculated, and Dead

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Excoriated by fingers clawing
Back is shorn and cut to ribbons
Tearing chunks out of your scalp
Puncturing your eye sockets

Drenched in blood your flesh I rend
Every injury my ecstacy
Crushing your ruptured testicles
In an emasculatory frenzy

Carving into
Muscle tissue
Crimson fondue

Feasting on the mangled bloody pulp
Writhing in ecstacy as I masticate
Severing the penis, a useless bloody stump
Your thorax torn asunder, death has come

Slicing your abdomen
Oozing guts through your skin
Hacking at your carcass
A festering abscess

Dickless corpse now remains
Chewing on your fucking brain
Skin torn and ripped to shreds
Totally and utterly dead

Autor(es): Exhumed