Frozen Mist


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Shattered self-illuminations of my flesh
A repentance of disturbing thoughts
As I kneel down to embrace you
I stare deep into your tattered soul.

I harbour divinity into negative recesses
You perceive my bitterness and romanticize
An expectation of our withering souls
The stalemate of her weeping redolence!

We reap the fields of lavender beauty
The colors bleed forever into bitter dogma
Blind rapture on shattered stained glass
This castle suffers in tragic ruin.

(Repeat Chorus)

Blurred in the distance, I see my marionette
In the fractured halls of dark luminating light
As we walk towards her to get a closer look
A fairytale's glimpse of reality comes to life.
Mystical strings attached to her soulless body
Bleeding tears trickle down her shining face
She's all alone in this horror filled castle
Seclusion of dreams, the torn curtains shall rise.

"In the garden of all her lonely hopes and dreams
Rays of dawn shine down on her beautiful epiphany
It's such a whimsicial apperance this perpetual gallery
I grasp your hand in utter silence to free your soul..."

Baptized in clear water under the oath of God
Your sanity drenched in evil elaborate hollowness
Withdrawn from raptures of bitter manifestation
Trails of crooked crosses leading to endless tears
Onward thru the blackened pearly gates we pass
Severed strings left dormant on her naked body
Tied tight to relieve this pressure for pleasure
Nocturnal emmisions, a satisfaction for pure lust.

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