The Sidekicks

Eye To Eye, Oh My!

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Asshole row you boat ashore,
You won't need those paddles anymore.
Skyscrapers are descending and becoming level.
Gold giants bow in unison.
Don't hold you tongue, don't hold your tongue,
Just fucking level with me.
We'll float these stilts out with these crutches
And make discoveries with free hands.

We shook hands, then we locked eyes
But i could not help but forget
That gold lining in your eye.
Oh, you follow signs,
Yeah you were so blind
They're always telling you to
"hold strong defender, hold strong defender,
Be that condescending depender"

What i close my eyes,
The time still flew by,
But the words stood still in my mind.
Don't hold you tongue, don't hold your tongue
Just level with me.

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