Marian Call


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It's rainin' but it wants to snow
I'm stayin' but I ought to go
But it's cold out, it's cold out
You smell of chocolate and dry leaves
You sound so soft and feel so sweet
But you're so bitter goin' down

Make it go away – say we'll be okay

I don't know how to love someone so dark
I don't know how to leave someone so real
I don't feel like myself when we're apart
I can't imagine staying 'til you heal, whoa...

I know it's time to cut you free
But memory plays these tricks on me
And you make my head ache, my
My judgment wavers when you're near
So I consent to one more beer
But it's so bitter goin' down

Make it go away – say I'll be okay

So step away from me a little while
Until my head stops spinning from your taste
'Cause I don't need a dose of you to smile
'Cause I don't have another hour to waste

Autor(es): Marian Call