Arjen Anthony Lucassen


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I hear a voice from the past
And my heart is beating fast
And everything around me fades away
I still can't believe it's true
Tell me why did it have to be you
Imagine you were here with us today

Yes i know, you were a dreamer
But your dreams have taken shape
And when it's all too much - i escape
I escape now babe, let me escape

I heard the news, it couldn't be worse
And all across the universe
People came together over you
We're gonna have to carry that weight
The way you met your terrible fate
That day in the life when the bullets flew

All you were saying
Was give peace a chance
And when you were playing
You made everybody dance
You want a revolution?
Well all you need is love
And all i wanna do is listen to you
That's how i escape

Late at night, begin december
Came a shock we will all remember
It must have ben about thirteen years ago
You shine a star
You move the hands on my guitar
And while it gently weeps, the tears will flow

Autor(es): Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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