Frozen Mist


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I love our flowers that forever fade.
Within those precious beautiful fields.
Your love like a sweet red rose
With luscious mesmoried scents.
A passionate delight
At your fingertips.

And amidst this liquid blue sky
I open my eyes to bring you inside.
You tremble with sultry delight
I welcome you to my world.

Love notes, that pulsate with fire
Our spirits bind together as one.

Pleasant breath, you breathe upon me
To fade and wither the pages of mist.

Dread not this lonely summer breeze
Deceptions caress. I surround the trees.
Tenderness will never escape this place
Beauty sheds a tear that I embrace.

A happiness of love at sight
No fears to hide, I take you higher.
Look up and reveal this pure blue sky
Your breath like a heavenly desire.

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