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Falling Sun

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the driver says
'if i were someone years away i'd think of you
and all the silence in that wood
as sure as the day
we're all forgiven in the end
even the maid
who drives the devil through the hills'
and pilot says 'if i was sunlight
just a ray of falling sun
i would blindfold everyone and rise again'

the driver says
'think of someone years ago
a martyr yourself
and all the summers in that wood
and all it said
'son we're never cast away
can't fall by the wayside
though we try harder every day'
and all decided
and all's forgiven every word that cried in vain
'if i was sunlight
just a ray of falling sun
and all was silent everyone
i'd call you day
who are the limit of my eyes i'd call you all'

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