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I feel no pain
Demulcent rain
You know I lie
Self-assertion purify
Ropes of praise detached
Newborn's cinnamon pledge
Just pretend it's good
Fatalism confirmed

Who said it's true?

I won't be frustrated - I'm obsessed
I won't be distracted - you're just like the rest
Got brand new rules but the game stays the same
I'm not gonna leave now - I just came

I feel no fear
Climax theory
They killed a few
Who said they'll kill you too?
Ropes of praise detached
By my good old cinnamon pledge
Dreams have always been torn just to be
Sewed up with care - I was born to see:
Without doubt you're secured
Fatalism's our cure

No excuses
They're just common bruises
No resets
No regrets...