Frozen Mist

Ethereal Eternity

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This ethereal dream
A darkened sky above us
Caress my broken soul
Your dressed in white
Save my wretchedness
Heal my open scars
Your corrupted vision
Send the light my way
Your eternal rituals
The chills have gone astray
Hiding in the dark night
The trees have yet to bloom
Forever trapped
In the wings of eternity
A crimson solitude...
This place we never fear.

Icons of light shatter our serenity
This burning heart shed flames upon your chest.
Into a neverland that I'll never forget
A love surrounded in celestial pride.

Carry me to the altars high above
Shapes of calamity shatter your broken innocence
Your burning heart cries for endless passion
A love in fractured denial starts here.

This journey thru rains of beauty
I lead you straight to the pure visions
A glimpse of nature embedded in my eyes
My sorrow cries out for your pain.
Your soul is burning for my love
Shed your passionate tears upon my shoulder
This sadness of melodic euphoria drains
The eternal fears I could never hide.

The final serenade... our last dance...
Fading serenade... one more chance...

This fallen dream, a mirror of lies
Shattering the caress, a waste of time
My eternal visions, your ethereal trust
Our souls embrace, togetherness so divine.

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