Feather Bed

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I love fast cars and fancy ladies
Especially when they’re painted red
I love the window that shows starshine
And makin’ love
In a feather bed
I love that Louisiana hot sauce
And fat girls who don’t wear jeans
I love the wind when it blows dresses
And I love all
That’s to be seen
My mind is reelin’
From all of the feelin’
Of just plain bein’ alive
Baby I love you
There’s nothin’ above you
And there won’t be ‘til I die
I love to sip Kentucky boomer
Or North Dakota Stanford juice
I love to dance on when the music
Winds me up
And turns me loose
I love the girls who wear lace undies
Italian oranges and brown bread
The golden days of rock ‘n’ rollin’
And makin’ love
In a feather bed

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