Daniel Amos


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She's speaking like a gibbering foreigner
Got a cripple in her clutches
Seems to float like a gaudy angel on strings
Over wheel chairs and crutches
I came to check it out, have a laugh or two
But I'm caught up in the fury and wonder
I watch the leg of the fat lady next to me
Grow several inches longer

There are rumors about the bank account,
Affairs and double dealings
But faith sneaks up like a mischievous child,
And you find yourself believing
I could be deceived, but I believe
That I just got a healing from

(don't know what's really there inside of her)
Revival queen, Evangeline
(does a miracle occur somehow in spite of her?)

Now the tent sags in the Texas heat
As she works the crowd into a frenzy
And an old man's rolling on the sawdust floor
In the throes of the demon of envy
And the organ music swells and the choir sings
An off-key Amazing Grace
Despite the body odor and the Texas flies
There's not a dry eye in the place

With hands in the air and eyes to heaven
I find myself agreeing
With each lost sinner in the place,
And every word Evangeline is screaming
I could be deceived, but I believe
That I just got a healing from


Understand me, I'm not a gullible man
And I'm self-possessed--
Take pride in keeping my wits
I'm saying things like "amen" and "hallelujah"--
Words, that until this very moment have never
Crossed my lips

When all is said and done,
It doesn't make much difference
If she's sincere or deceiving
She may not possess the faith she inspires
Or know the One that I'm receiving
I'm on my knees and I believe
That I just got a healing through

Autor(es): Terry Taylor

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