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I don't want to fall a sleep
I don't want to wake up
don't know if I'm here or not
I don't want to see another
nightmare but it's the same if I stay up
All I know is that I'm missing another
half someone who can get inside my head
sometimes I think that I am loosing my mind
I want to float in here for a while
somewhere out there
someone's waiting someone like me
thoughts are too much for anyone
but we understand each other
like the night
and even if we never meet
and even if our souls don't reach
and even if we live far apart
I know we are the same
Is it too much for you still you know
that it is what you are here for
somewhere in your heart you might
fall apart but you never let it show
waiting for the moment that you're here
when everything's confusing you'll be near
and even when you loose
hope and everything is blue
you know that you will live
because you feel me too