Even Good Girls Go Bad

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You Know, My Momma Always Told Me
If You Got a Good Woman
You Better Treat Her Right
Cos If You Dont
She Likely to Go Bad On You

Something's Wrong
I Can Feel It in My Bones
It's Not the Same
She's Running Game On Me
I See All the Signs
Someone Else On Her Mind
It's Obvious to the Both of Us
That's What It Is

She's Been Faithful, Been True For So Long
I've Been Out There, Been Doing Her Wrong
All Those Girls On the Side, All Those Nights That She Cried
How Much Can a Good Woman Take
Before That Poor Heart of Her's Breaks, and Turn Cold
Now I Know (Whoa Oh)

Even Good Girls Go Bad
Sometimes, When You Push Her Far
She'll Cross the Line (Yes She Will)
She'll Change Her Mind (I Know Oh)
Even Good Girls Go Bad
Sometimes, Push Her Into the Arms
Of Someone Else
And I Can't Take It (No, No, No, No)

She Came Straight Home From Work
Know Exactly Where She Was
She Always Tried, I Can't Deny
I Never Did (No, No)
Now I'm Starting to Catch All the Clues
That She Is Seeing Somebody New

I Can Tell, Know Her Well
Damn It Hurts, Hurts Like Hell
And Who Should no Better Than Me
I Ran Game From a to Z
And She's Not to Blame
It's Just a Matter of Time Till She Change (Whoa Oh)


Na na Na na Na
Na na Na na Na
Even Good Girls, Even Good Girls Go Bad
Repeat X2

Chorus Until Fade