Even Now

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Even now, your memory takes my breath away
I'd give my heart to relive yesterday
When our love was sometihng new
And even now, your perfume clings to the pillow where
I reach out for you but no one's there
That's when i have to face the truth.

Too many times i lie and make you cry
And never see how it was tearin' you apart
Now i see how much i lost
Each day i sadly pay the cost
Of breakin' both our hearts.

Told your friends the next time that she talks to you
To say i'm so alone and feelin' blue
And if you want me to i'll crawl
So if you find my memory lingers on your mind
That telephone won't ring a second time
I'll be here waiting for your call.

Please come home
I learned how bad it hurts to be alone
And how it feels to wake and find love gone
I'll make it up to you somehow.

I need you here
And i guess that makes us, even now...

Autor(es): Glenn Warren / Worley Max

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