Mr. T Experience

Everybody Knows You're Crying

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Everybody says you shouldn't cry
everybody's standing by
and everybody's gonna roll their eyes
if you ever do

everybody says it's not too late
and you can still participate
you take everybody's bait
and everybody laughs at you

they'll leave you crying all alone
they'll say they wouldn't have if they had only known

but you see the reality behind their indulgent stares--
everybody knows you're crying
no one ever really cares

everybody thinks you're a little slow
everyone wants you to know
they went through the same thing long ago
and it wasn't that hard to do

everybody says they sympathize
you stand by while they describe
someone you don't even recognize
that's supposed to look like you

but they never can explain
how to live with such spectacular pain

and when you're at your weakest
they advise you to be strong
everybody says they've been there
everybody must be wrong

ooh ooh ooh ooh everybody knows you're crying

they send their love
and love is loud
they feel it's greatly to their credit
and they're proud
of their compassion,
and it's true
but it doesn't have a lot to do with you

and you can't escape the conclusion
though you don't like what it was:
everybody says they love you,
no one ever really does.

ooh ooh ooh ooh everybody knows you're crying
everybody knows you're crying
everybody knows you're crying

Autor(es): Dr. Frank

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