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Everybody Loves a Clown

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Everybody loves a clown so why don't you?
Everybody laughs at the things that i say and do.
They all laugh when they see me comin',
But you don't laugh, you just go home runnin'!
Everybody loves a clown so why can't you?
A clown has feelings, too.

I joke around at a party when you are there,
But you don't laugh, you don't look, you just don't care.
If you wonder why this clown is crying
Look a little closer, inside i'm dying!
It's not easy to be in love, you see,
When you're a clown like me.

I don't know how to say that i love you,
'cause you would smile and say "tell a joke or two.".
Yes, i'm a clown, but i don't wanna be,
Why can't you see the other side of me?
Guess i'll be the guy who plays the part
Of a clown with a broken heart,
Dreamin' of your love and not knowin' where to start.