Everybody's Making Plans

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So I've heard you're out to save the world
That you're bound for greatness in your time
Well I might just sit back and watch it all flow by
Don't you know that everything's been done?

Everybody's going somewhere
Everybody's way ahead
Me I'm doing nothing while everybody's making plans

You ask me how I sleep at night
You say you've never even seen me try

Everybody's going somewhere...

Hey slow down
I know the world will keep on spinning without me
A little time here by myself is all I need
Hey slow down
I won't think about the chances thrown away
I'm not ready yet I'm working on a dream
I've heard you're leaving us behind
That you're destined to become someone I can read about,
someone we can talk about anyone anywhere anybody anytime yeah!

Everybody's going somewhere
Everybody's in a band
Me I'm doing nothing while everybody's making plans
Everybody's making plans...