Kitchen Knife Conspiracy

Everyday Suffering

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everyday I'm feeling more distant that the day before this started
I am not the same and if you ask me one more time
I swear I'll cut you down further than any whore everyday I suffer when I listen to you every word you're saying just get a clue can you come down off this pedestal of yours and can you understand these words I say to you I'm there too we don't suffer the same not one day will change we all suffer some way now everyday I've been taking more of these pills to get me through another day of just recognizing all of these exposures everyday's the same confused distorted and so far out of place I'll just smoke more weed and forget the day even existed to me it's my own escape from the hopeless life that I'm leading give me the nicotine and fuel me with the strength just to go to sleep breaking this hold tearing your mold looking at you am I getting through turning so cold tearing your mold I take control I'm breaking through suffering I get pinned down open my eyes look at the ground carefully plan out my attack of torture torment madness from the spine clutch your fears and then decide see the face I always see sheltered lonely suffering you are so cold bang my head against the wall feel the same see nothing at all bitter always pained drained bleeding's the new way new way to sacrifice bleeding's the new way new way to change inside

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