Erlend Oye

Every Party's Got a Winner and a Loser

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Every party's got a winner and a loser,
I'm jumping out of the game
by being a referee.
Sometimes all I can do
find a spot out of the light
feel like a Japanese.
Every party's got a winner and a loser,
some girls are never alone.
I'm always a little late.
Each our own individual game plan.
We ploy in order to stay
out of the bottom half.
Who's there with whom?
Who failed to show?
Who'll leave alone?
Since the birth of the very idea,
way back in hellenical times
at the house of a bearded man.
Every party's got a winner and a loser.
One host who's gonna regret
telling all they could feel like home.
One Jew that no one invited.
Three guys in love with one girl
who takes hours to say goodbye

Autor(es): Erlend Oye