Jennifer Rafferty

Everything But Faithful

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Listen to this song on the radio
Before you pack your bags and leave
I've taken my time to call up on the show
and tell you exactly how I feel
Because you've made a fool out of me
You've hit a new low and it's taken me that to see

You're trying my time
You've opened my eyes
and I can see you're everything but faithful
You're nothing to me
Not someone I need
So now you can be everything but faithful, not with me

That night you said you were out with the boys
I knew exactly where you were
So I got mine, I went out without the Girls
I took my time with someone real
Baby, I can do the dirty too
and baby you know I can do it better than you!!


What's sad, is somewhere deep inside I know you love me still, you love me still
What's bad, is somewhere deep inside I know I want you too,
so it burns right through

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