Everything Given To You Is Equally Taken Away

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It's amazing. How far apart, we are, upon being, so close.
I can feel your breath upon my cheeks,
It's only, a matter of seconds, if two magnets floated in the air, would they meet together, and attach? Or merely transform back onto the fridge, which where they once lived.
It's amazing now, for some reason how, I am lacking, a motor for my chamber heart interior.
At each pump, circulates, through my, circulatory system. Finally reaching the cheeks, on my face, where you breathe, affecting my brain.
And carving a symbol of luck, in a place up north.
I type this now,
With a meaning for when,
When will the times be, when will the times be better again?
I've done my destemper for reasons I know not,
I could blame my vivid step for circles I have gone.

You left me down, down upon my hands, Those which once held yours.
Here come the power chords.
I'll, take, it and, leave, and, let out, a noise, loud, enough, so you can barely hear and know what you did.
Are you interested in the grey quest for anything that is worth it?
Do you need to jog or could you find it in short answer form?
Maybe you could, if you put down that damn crossword puzzle,
Forming words, out of nothing, and mixing them with others, not everything false finding, something across or down, and on an even form.
Maybe I'm just angry at the breathe you merge with mine.

You know it involves the morning after, where two are fucked in the morning, or the night of the prom,
I'm anxious to know that I'm alive,
Not enough shitt! It involves everything we ever did, when we picked out the screaming or musical recognition, or the stereotypical

In a shopping center, he's waking up for the first time, with you becoming me, and me becoming you.
To feel like we were ours, when your breathe merged with mine.

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