Aimee Mann

Everything's Different Now

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You know just how I feel
You know when love is real
It changes the life that you're living
And now I've found it here
It overcomes my fear
Of holding back instead of giving
But, when I hear the phone ring
Your voice pulls me in 'til I'm far away
It's easy cause everything's different now

Everything's different now
Seems long ago that our love was unknown
But it's just yesterday
Everything's different now
Everything's different now
And when I look in the mirror and talk to myself
I can't pretend it's the same

Well, soon I'll say your name
And then I'll go insane
I won't understand what I'm thinking
I'll look down at my shoes
I'll wonder what I'll lose
If I feel this consciousness sinking
And we both know what that means
Returning to what we knew before
Forgetting that everything's different now


What we created
Has separated
A past we hated
From what we are feeling today
'Cause everything's different now


'Cause everything's different now

Autor(es): Jules Shear / Matthew Sweet