Adventure Time


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So finn and jake set out to find a new home
It's gonna be tough for a kid and a dog on their own
There's a little house! Ahh, finn's sticking his foot in!
That's a bad idea, dude, 'cause now that bird thinks you're a jerk, finn!

Now they're chillin' on the top of a hill
Thinking livin' on a cloud would be totally thrillin'
Unless they find something inside
Like a mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride

A beehive, oh no! Don't put your foot in there, guy!
We all tried that before and we know it didn't turn out right
Big shell, go inside, look around, it seems alright
A frog jumps out, baw! Tt's a tiger! throwing out potions for food and fire

You know you should have stayed and fought that sexy vampire lady
But jake was feeling terrified, he was super scared of her vampire bite
Which is understandable, 'cause vampires are really powerful
They're unreasonable and burnt down on dealing with mortals

Oh marceline! Why are you so mean?

I'm not mean, I'm a thousand years old
And I just lost track of my moral code

Oh marceline! Can't you see these guys are in pain?

No I can't. I'm invested in this very cute video game

So there you go, boys, walking on the icy ground
Heading towards your destiny, I'm sure you'll figure something out

Autor(es): Rebecca Sugar

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