Tik Tak

(Gimme Some) excitement

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Hey get yourself together
C'mon baby take your stand
You dare not to touch
As if I'd fall apart in your hands
And every day you call me
Rambling on the same old stuff
Let's get to the business
Or you'll find your girl's had enough

So gimme some excitement
Gimme something new
I got no time for mama's boys but I got some for you
C'mon take yous chances
And you'll end up with the first prize

So gimme some excitement
Gimme something new
You've got to come up with the entertainment that I'm due
I'm up to it baby
So try me and you'll be surprised

I want to ride a rocket
Dive down the deepest seas
We're cool and we're young
Don't you see, we can do as we please
So start the countdown baby
Abandon fear and doubt
What's there for us
Don't you think that it's time to find out?

So gimme some excitement

You've got to use it
Before you lose it
Don't hesitate baby
Can't you see,
Your time has come

So gimme some excitement