Doria Roberts


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I hear you're finally leaving this stubborn, southern town
I hear you've got concerns and some things to figure out
I wish you well my friend
I hope to see you soon but there is something
I need you to do


Leave the light on
Dream of me from time to time
Keep a light shining in your heart
And I will keep one shining for you in mine

Northern skies called home again
Familiar tastes and scenes and sounds
This is where for you time began
Your battle fields
Your sacred grounds
On this road you've traveled far
Now it's time for you to rest
You'll heal some wounds
You'll get some scars
You'll earn your stripes and pass the test
But don't forget to...


Going, you're going
Let your love of life lead the way
Chosen, you've chosen
I hope this path leads you to brighter days

I guess your bags are packed
You've got lots of other things to do
If you need my help, I would like to help
and see you through this
So just pick up the phone and tell me what you need
But first there is something that I need you to do for me

Autor(es): Doria Roberts