Exorcise Me

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Dies irae, dies illa
Solvet saeclum in favilla

I'm possessed by what's named Evil
Deep inside he haunts my soul
All around he calls my name and scaring my own
Oh help me to find my way
And tell me the price to pay
I'm there, I'm ready, ready to go

Look at me the devil is in me
You will see my first sin is angry (I feel down)
Like an awful thirsty spider, you
Drank my blood and burnt my soul away
Pretending it was desire

Exorcise me
And save my soul from death
Crosses and cloves are vain
I'd burn as if I were a witch
Exorcise me
And save my soul from death
If nothingness is stronger than beads
So what about the prophecy

Raised in the shadow side
I keep on hearing and listening to the sound
This voice that tells me "come there you'll meet God,
Won' t you ever give your hand"
The famous light supposed to take me away
Hell or Heaven I will never understand

Autor(es): Didier Chesneau / Sylvie Grare