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Come this way it'll be okay we'll pass a good time don't be afraid,
but what I won't say (is in the end that you'll be mine)

Take my hand don't worry about a thing.
But what you don't know is I've got you in my boxing ring.
Come this way come and play all you want right in your face.
It's all yours just sign my contract.
It's what life's about, I won't stab you in the back.

Your soul is mine, You'll never be ashamed you'll never wonder why,
Untill you find, all I ever said was all made of lies...

The Devil's knocking at my door but I won't let him in.
he's trying to tell me he'll always forever be my friend.
He wants to kill, steal my joy, my soul destroy,
He thinks he will but he never will, take out this boy.
Cuz, Jesus Christ is our Lord...

I guess you thought you had me, but the truth is you don't own me,
through Christ Jesus I'll alway have the victory...
Through Christ I'll always have the victory...