Express Myself

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Vintage cuts
Riders block, oeh I got so much to grasp
I"m feeling so close when it comes to succes
In this rap game I'm saying nothing is less
Everything is more so here's coming the stress
I put a lot of time in, I got one minute left
The moment of truth is close, I'm scared I'll confess
Why, I don't know, I know that I can be the best
Maybe cause, I Don't know, I'm Just Human I Guess
If you think you can fit my shoes then you be my guest
But there's a lot of pressure on cause I'm from the west
And plus I'm so different from all the rest

Not gangster
A backpack if I'm with a twist
I just hope the world understands and gets the diss
And get the messages I'm sending
Speaking of messages
Support my single text
Featuring Jason Derülo
Beluga Heights we got next
Yes, I know, man I'm a mess
Have a harder go right over my treasure chest
And when I'm on It's gon' be hella fresh
The track said to express, so I express myself

Do it good
Express yourself
Just do it

Look, look, uh
Honestly, I feel the game needs me
They need a Prodigy, now they tryna be Weezy
If it ain't easy they try to be Jeezy
I can't listen to 'em, they probably jeezy
Uh, is being yourself not easy?
Man I try to stay on point like I TP
Home TP, I master the crowd
They gime headaches, like where the aspirin to grab?
Sheez, that's why they trapped in the past
That's the reason that half of 'em last, long
Only known for their last song
Me? I'm tryna be known for my next song
Like this Mann song crazy like I wonder what is next going
Think I'm a one hit wonder, then your dead wrong
Set a stone
I want my career to be, that when they ask to see they best, nigga mirror me
Intimity believing me like a conspiracy
But do they stand out under twenty lyricly?
Killing real MCs, and torture the fake ones
I'm a real man, to know when it takes one
Born teen years after one-nine-eight-one, I'm a stay young
Performer, I'm a great one
And can't be a hustler that makes fun, cause I hate guns
On a deal ain't fun
So I legally, swagged out with my people
We know rapping, but we rocking like Tweetely [?]
And ain't coming of Eazy-street
My team believe we can go hard equally

Express yourself
Do it good
Express yourself
I do it