Final Breath

Eyes Of Horror

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Embedded in my brain
Worst picture I have ever seen
This memory never disappears
Will I go insane

This night back long ago
My tomb is what I saw
Dug so deep down six feet
You can't escape the hellish heat

Am I gonna die - the eyes of horror stare at me
Never telling why - face my death no chance to cry

At the gates of my insanity
Will I ever lose this memory
Darkened thoughts of the end
Never found out what they meant

I'm standing there cannot belief
I'm seeing myself going down
Buried with the sands of time
Abducted from the real world

Never left alone
You got no chance to moan
Eyes of horrow never leave
Nightmare's all you will receive

Get used to this feeling
Spiderwebs hang from the ceiling
These eyes will stare at you
Why you have no fucking clue

Autor(es): Heiko Krumpholz