Eyes of Nostradamus

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At night
they will think they have seen the sun
When they see the mad half pig man
At night
screams, battles seen fought in the sky
And beasts will be heard to speak

Man, man your time is sand
Your ways are lives upon the sea
I am the Eyes of Nostradamus

All your ways are known to me
Driven back - the eagle back around the tents
Will be chased by the other birds
Driven back - with the sound of cymbals and bells
Will give sense to the senseless world


Think upon it - all of you who may read this verse
Listen and listen well
Think upon it - barbarians, idiots, fools stay far away


Oh, I had a dream
I thought I was alone
And the veil of all the years
Fell from my eyes like a stone

From the ground the seven year child
And a fire will come to the earth
From the sky at fourty-five degrees
And the stone will crack with the force


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