Fabrication Of The Enemy

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Perpetual wars keep us indebted
Control kept in hands of the elite
Shadow government with pawns everywhere
Web of lies hidden in plain sight
War mongering win the name of peace
Murder and torture in the name of democracy
Propaganda machines perpetuate the fiction
Media moguls profit from homogenized recountings

Gaining control is easy
Fabrication of the enemy
Crisis carefully planned and implemented
Mass panic, public demands a solution
Demands retribution

Pre-designed plan proposed and accepted
Dissenters silenced or defamed
Truth rewritten and subverted
Pseudo rebels put in place

Assassination, infiltration, suppression
Villains propped up then opposed when convenient
Illusion of choice, a false freedom
Builders of the new world order

False flag operations occurring through history
Powerful few expanding spheres of influence

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