Face Like A Skull

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Everything I do seems like I'm trying to be rude,
And everything I say is always taken the wrong way,
And I don't really care about the things you like,
But I pretend I do because you love m when I lie.

The only faces that I pull,
Are the faces of a skull,
Your piggy fat and cartilage,
Hide the skeletal damage.

When you cracked your head you couldn't laugh for the tears,
And when we got back home you washed the blood off with your beer.
And if you cannot take another night I'm his arms,
Them I'll nick all the batteries from his fire alarms.

Your sunken eyes and writing flesh,
Tell me that you couldn't care less,
The only faces that I pull are the faces of a skull.

Behind your lips there comes a grin,
An acknowledgment of sin,
The only faces that I pull,
Are the faces of a skull.

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